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Animal portraits

Welcome to the Copperfield Art Website!

I have always loved animals and have a large and varied four legged family!  I have also always loved drawing and painting so, not surprisingly, most of my paintings are of animals.  Originally I used graphite pencils and it was quite a few years before I started using colour.  From watercolour and pastel and on to acrylics.  Last year  I tried coloured pencils for the first time and also created pictures from old buttons and beads.  This year I have started painting pebbles and rocks.  My website contains a mix of commissioned portraits and paintings that I have done as gifts or purely for my own amusement.  

If you have any queries please contact me by email - [email protected]



If you are interested in having a commission portrait of your pet please contact me by using the form on the home page or by email - [email protected]

I do need good quality photographs that are a good likeness to your pet.

Photographs can be emailed - it's nice to have a selection of photos - some are better to paint from than others.

I usually use acrylic paints on canvas but do sometimes mix watercolour and pastels to achieve the effect I am looking for.

Once I have finished the painting I will scan it and email a copy for your approval.  If anything isn't quite right I will do my best to correct it.   If you are not happy with it, for whatever reason, there is no obligation to buy and no charge will be made.

The shape (square or rectangular) of the painting is usually determined by the pose of the animal and which looks the best for that individual painting.  


(Approximate sizes)

5" x 5" or 6" x 4" = £75

7" x 7" or 8" x 6" = £120

These prices include a double mount so that your painting will be ready for framing,.

Framing not included.

Prices are for one animal only. 


Price depends on complexity of the painting - starting from £50

Most of the rocks measure approximately 3" x 4" but they are rarely symmetrical and they vary in depth. and weight.  I try to find one to fit the shape of the subject.

P&P not included in the price of the paintings.  Most UK postage is £5.  I will post to anywhere in the world.  All paintings will be posted tracked and signed for.